Cricket : Over Hyped?

Every time whenever I switch on TV and surf between news channels all I get is cricket. Dhoni, IPL, T20, World Cup, everything I see is somehow related to cricket. In fact, my favourite movie channel refuses to show movies so it can air IPL matches. I feel cricket is too much hyped in India. India has forgotten about other sporiplts. Kabbadi, Hockey, Polo, Swimming doesn’t seem to exist, and the best part is even though India is not much involved in other sports except cricket, India doesn’t seem to excel in it, we keep on losing international matches, we have won world cup only once and that too way back in 1983.

I am writing this to tell you,

there are loads of other sports that still exist and need more exposure than cricket. India doesn’t have anything to show in excellence in sports cricket, every time whenever Olympics or Commonwealth is held, just search how many prizes does India have won in it.

After the commencement of IPL (Indian Premier League) the polarity has become more towards cricket, after all IPL has cheerleaders, IPL is quick. More than a billion rupees is spent every year on IPL and other sports are left behind as usual. Just imagine, if we decide to spend those billion rupees wisely on education, infrastructure, defence, sanitation and up liftmen of poor, just imagine how far can India reach.

Our Say

I respect as cricket as a sport (I also love playing it, after all I am an Indian), but I feel other sports do need some extra attention and we should be promoting other sports so we can excel in Olympics and other international games.